Have you ever thought about asking someone on a date but can’t stand the thought of another dinner filled with awkward silences?  Look no further than Laurel Lanes!  There are a lot of different aspects to a night out bowling that can help you quickly determine whether your date is a good match or not.

Forget going to the movies, where although you may be sitting next to someone for a considerable amount of time, it’ll most likely be without any conversation.  How about dinner?  It may be romantic, but when you’re with someone you really don’t know too well, it’s really easy to feel awkward and get caught up in those moments of silence..

Instead you could be in a fun, stress-free environment like Laurel Lanes!  There’s much more to do than just bowl here.  We have a large arcade with games for all ages, Splitz Bar & Grill (which has an extensive American Grill Menu), a second full-service bar right behind the lanes, and Tony Luke’s, the real taste of South Philly!  No movie theater or restaurant will provide you with options like that.  We even have a new scoring system with built in games and the ability to take pictures right at your lane’s table!  You can look up to your scoring monitor after every frame and see your faces cropped into animations doing random silly things.  Needless to mention, our two bars are well stocked and sure to keep anyone 21+ happy, which can certainly be a big plus on a first date!

You can learn a lot about someone’s personality while bowling on a first date.  Do they put their name in the computer as something funny, or are they straight forward and put in their real name?  There’s a big difference between typing in “Steve” vs typing in “Dr.PinCrusher”!  You can also see the way your date reacts to competition.  If they’re able to joke about themselves not doing too well, you may have found someone it’d be easy to spend some time with.  On the other hand, if they repeatedly slam their fist against the ball return because they got a gutter ball, you might have found someone you’ll see on the news in the near future. But hey, maybe that’s your thing.

Bowling also provides you the opportunity to show that you have good manners, showing respect as you step to the side while your date walks down toward the ball return, by picking up their ball and handing it to them, or even just getting refills on drinks.  If you’re pretty comfortable with your date and they’re still struggling with bowling, you might even take advantage of the opportunity to stand behind them and help guide them.  OoOoh how romantic!

Everyone knows a first date can be a little stressful, but you don’t have to let it be.  Choose bowling and make it a lot more comfortable and easy to enjoy your time together!  Just remember, even if worst comes to worst and you’re not crazy about each other, you can still enjoy your time bowling!