Interactive Bowling Games

Tired of playing traditional 10-frame games?  Switch it up with an exciting interactive bowling game!


Or, if you want to make things a little more personal but you’d prefer to keep bowling a traditional style game, try out YouToons!  Each bowler can take three selfies using the touchscreen right at the lane, these pictures will be incorporated into fun animations after each person bowls!

Our three non-traditional style games are:

monster factory logocharacter factory logo

Monster Factory / Character Factory:  A fun game where each ball thrown builds a different part of the monster (or character).  The finished product will then be a unique monster/character for the child and can be printed at the front counter.

battle of the lanes logo

Battle of the Lanes:  A competitive short game where each ball thrown will do more damage to the opponent’s castle.  The more pins knocked down, the more the castle falls.

bowlin' hood logo

 Bowlin’ Hood:  A competitive short archery game where the more pins knocked down will get the bowler closer to the bullseye