Summer Leagues and Clubs


Youth/Adult League

Starts at 6:30pm.

Fun *handicap style league. Youth/Adult league geared towards teams of children and parents/relatives/guardians. Trophies to all youth bowlers along with gift cards and pizza party at season’s end.

Laurel Classic Doubles League

Starts at 7:30pm.

Highly competitive, limited *handicap league. Prize money for all teams, brackets and high game awards.


The “Mommy & Me” Summer League

Starts at 10am.

Children bowl free adjacent to league. Dads/Grandparents/Relatives welcome. Three bowlers per team with *handicap style format to make it fun and fair for all.

Ball & Chain League

Starts at 7pm.

Fun couples league with *handicap to make it fair for all and prize money to all teams. Each bowler receives an entry level bowling ball at season’s end.

9-Pin Knockout

Starts at 7pm.

Knock down 9 pins and get credit for a strike. 4 bowlers per team. Prize money to all teams.

Rainbow Rollers

Starts at 8pm.

*Handicap style LGBT mixed trios league.


South Jersey Seniors

Starts at 10am.

Fun league for bowlers over 50 yrs. *Handicap style trios league with any combination of men and women.

Men’s Handicap Trios

**$1500 1st Place Guaranteed**

Starts at 7pm.

Men’s league with 3 bowlers to a team, *handicap style format. First place guaranteed $1500 prize, based on 10 teams.

Family Night Out Club

Starts at 6:30pm.

4 bowlers to a team, any combination of children and adults. Grand Parents, aunts and uncles welcome! Cost is $48 per team, per week. Each team will receive a large cheese pizza and pitcher of soda weekly. Awards will be given to each bowler at the season’s end.



Junior Classic League

Starts at 6:30pm.

Great practice league for high school bowlers. Scholarship money awarded, 3 bowlers per team, any combination.

The Heat is On League

** $2000 1st Place Guaranteed, based on 16 teams**

Starts at 7pm.

USBC sanctioned, competitive mixed league. Our most popular summer league!



Laurel Lanes Seniors

Starts at 10am.

Fun league for bowlers over 50 years of age. Great exercise, fun and *handicap style format. 3 bowlers per team any combination.



1+1= Sunday Fun

Starts at 7pm.

Doubles, any combination. *Handicap style format and prize money for all teams

Each league bowler will receive 5 FREE GAMES each week! 

Can be used any time during open play, when lanes are available. 

*Handicap: Not a pro? Don’t worry, we’ll give you some pins to keep you in the game.