Top 5 Splitz Bar & Grill Menu Items to be Stuck in Quarantine with

After an exhausting day of watching the kids, cleaning the garage, landscaping the yard, or whatever you’re busy doing during quarantine, the last thing some may want to do is cook up a full blown meal for yourself or the family. Well, Splitz Bar & Grill is here to meet all your take out needs! Our menu has something for the hands on eater, the vegetarian and yes even the picky eater. The current menu we have is a newer menu and we take pride in the fact that there is something for everyone. We have apps, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, salads, entrees and desserts.

Quarantine is the perfect time to try new things! If you never had the pleasure of trying our menu let now be the time and we promise you won’t be disappointed. I came up with my top 5 favorite menu items just to get you started in the right direction!

1. Chicken Wings

Every local eatery has a menu item that they are known for. One that draws people in just for that menu item, well ours is our Chicken Wings. Our Chicken Wings are fried to perfection (ask for them well done if you like an extra crunch like me)! The flavor doesn’t stop there we have multiple delicious sauces to choose from. We offer the following sauces:  Mild, Hot, Hot & Honey, Garlic Parmesan, House and Blackberry Chipotle. If you like to play it safe I would go for the Mild, just the right amount of kick. If you like to get a little daring with your food choices I would recommend House (an awesome mixture of Hot, BBQ and Garlic Parm) or Blackberry Chipotle, our most unique offering. Take it from a person that has tried them all, you can’t really go wrong.

2.  Tater Tots

Yes, tater tots. A great comfort food for a time like this. You cannot go wrong with a childhood favorite. Splitz Bar & Grill ups the tot game by offering multiple toppings for the tots. Feeling plain? Get the classic tots with a touch of house seasoning. Feeling spicy? No problem. Splitz has tots smothered in buffalo chicken or Nacho tots that come topped with ground beef, cheese and JALAPEÑOS. Defiantly not lacking in the spice department. Maybe you’re looking for more of traditional tot experience. We have tots topped with bacon and cheese to chili and cheese! Either way they are totally tottastic!

3. The Belly Splitter Sandwich

Talk about a monstrosity! This sandwich is a wapping 20 inches long and features your choice of chopped beef or chicken tenders, American cheese, mozzarella sticks, jalapeño poppers and mayo. There is no coincidence that this sandwich comes with the tagline “more challenging than a 7-10 split”. You can take on this sandwich solo, but we won’t judge you if you share! The sandwich can feed up to 4 people. What’s more fun than a little quarantine challenge? Once you get the sandwich take a photo with it and tag us on social media with the hashtag #BellySplitterz.

4.  Pizza Pie

It’s a classic family favorite, of course it had to make the Top 5! Our pizza dough is made from scratch, which makes it oh so good. Each dough is made and tossed with precision and focus to make sure it’s right every time. Have you always wanted to be able to toss your own dough? Well now you can, Splitz Bar & Grill is offering $10 DIY Pizza kits. Each kit is packed with dough, sauce, mozzarella cheese and baking instructions.  Sounds like a great family activity or date night to me! You can add on any toppings as well that way it’s customizable to your liking.

Flyer for Do it Yourself Pizza Kits

5.  Chicken BLT Wrap

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato wrapped in your choice of wrap. Simple, but good. This a good option for a lighter meal. Replacing the bread of a traditional BLT and adding a wrap makes the meal not so heavy. Perfect for a light lunch or if you’re watching what you eat. Another fun customization is your choice of crispy or grilled chicken. My personal favorite combination is grilled chicken on a spinach wrap with sriracha mayo…yum! The traditional BLT with a twist! Let’s know your favorite combo.

Honorable mentions:


Chicken Breast Entree

BBQ Pork Sandwich

You can view our full menu at: .Call us at 856.778.7467 to place a to go order! We are open Tuesday through Sunday, 11:00a – 8:00p. I appreciate the read and thank you for supporting small businesses during this crucial time.