Welcome to the wonderful world of raising easy money for your school, organization, or charity with a fun twist!

Advantages to a Bowling Fundraiser at Laurel Lanes Maple Shade NJ

  • Everyone loves to bowl, including people with physical handicaps. We supply ball ramps and we are wheelchair accessible.
  • You get the money right away.
  • With programs where you purchase the product and then have to sell it, or you sell orders and then have to wait for payment and delivery; children lose the product
  • They can’t sell their allotted amount, the order is wrong, or the product quality is below expectations
  • These factors cut into your profit, cause problems, and generate stress for the coordinator and students
  • At Laurel Lanes, we organize and run the event for you. We deliver the pizza and beverage to the lane, we hand out the rental shoes, and make sure bumpers are in place. All you have to do is promote the event and assign 5 people to a lane. Then simply check them in and tell them where they are bowling when they arrive.

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Package Details

We recommend no more than five bowlers assigned to each lane. We will also happily provide you with tables for any additional fundraising efforts, including: gift basket/silent auctions, donation buckets, organization promotional materials, etc.

Our fundraising packages start at $15 per person. We recommend charging a minimum of $25+ per guest, for your event. Want to increase your price per guest? Ask us about additional amenities and catering!

Getting Started

Come up with a date, time and estimated guest count for your fundraiser. We recommend a second and third choice because of the number of groups and events we have at Laurel Lanes. 

Please call Laurel Lanes at 856-778-7467 and ask to speak with Alyssa Knudsen. We will work with you on the planning any other ideas that you can tie into your fundraiser to generate even more money. It is that simple!