Sweet (Traditional) & Sinful (Alcohol-Infused) Handcrafted Ice Cream


FRIDAY - SUNDAY: 12:30PM - 10:30PM

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Sweet or Sinful?

About Us

Lickety Splitz offers a tempting selection of rotating, premium, small batch traditional AND alcohol infused ice creams and frozen desserts. All of our ice creams are made in-house with the highest quality ingredients and without any artificial flavor or color additives. We’ve taken the time and care to master our recipes and have consulted with some of the biggest names in the ice cream industry, to ensure the creamiest of frozen delights and a wide assortment of inclusions and toppings.

Young, old, rich, poor- or from practically anywhere around the world, EVERYONE loves ice cream. While we proudly feature our alcohol infusions, Lickety Splitz’s menu is designed to have something to satisfy the sweet tooth in almost anyone, including: Seasonal, Kid and Keto friendly selections and Gluten/Sugar/ Dairy-Free options. 

We aim to make your ice cream dreams come true…..

Each cone, cup and dish customized YOUR WAY. YOU choose how SWEET (traditional) or just how SINFUL (alcohol-infused) of an ice cream creation will tickle your taste buds!

Must be age 21+ (with a valid ID) to purchase any alcohol/alcohol-infused selections

Pints to-Go!

Sweet: $7.95 | Sinful: $8.95

Family Take-Home Kit

Kit Includes: (Choice of) 2 Pints, (Choice of) 3 Toppings, 4 Cups & 4 Cake Cones

2 Sweet Pints: $19.99 | 1 Sweet & 1 Sinful Pint: $20.99 | 2 Sinful Pints: $21.99

Parties & Fundraisers

“I don’t really like ice cream.” Said Nobody. Ever.

At Lickety Splitz, we don’t need an excuse to indulge in a tasty (and sometimes tipsy) treat, we’re always ready to cherry- top a celebration. From Ice Cream Socials and “Happy Hours” to Birthdays and Celebrations, we love a good party or meet-up. Not to mention, we have a tendency to make things that much sweeter… (or sinful, the choice is yours!)

Giving into temptation isn’t always a bad thing…

Looking for a way to raise money for a good cause?  Appeal to everyone’s sweet and generous side while YOUR school/organization/charity stacks up the cash! It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s profitable…. And quite frankly, it’s delicious.

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